STK-7005F Bluetooth Game Controller

  • Color:
    • BLACK

  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
  • Compatible with android & IOS
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Other information

                                            For IOS & Android system both

7005F-1B 750.jpg   

* Saitake gamepad support android system & IOS system both.
* Support IOS cellphone for iPhone8,iPhoneX,iPhone8 Plus,iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR of system 11.0.0 version+;
* Support Android system 5.0 version+;
* Suppor Key set function for both system with App instaled on cellphone;
      Note: MTK cpu cellphone do not compatible!


                                                                              Keymap Function

       With App installed on cellphone from GooglePlay & App Store,the gamepad can use the key set function as your playing style. The App is suit for both Android & IOS system. 


 * Support original games from “ Google play ” & “ App store ”;
* Default key set data for PUBG; 
* Multi languages supported;

                                                                   Default Key Set for PUBG

        The gamepad built-in memo storage chip to save the default key set for pubg games.With the Shootplus app,you can modificate or alter the set with your playing style.

7005F-PUBG-3C 750.jpg

Note:You may required to adjust the key set when firstly play game.

                                                      Android Gamepad Mode

 The gamepad support the android games which support HID gamepad protocol: 


* Support the android games from google play,which already support HID gamepad;
* Support simulator platform which collect NFC,ARCADE,MAME Plus,NGP,MAME,GBA and so on;
* Support game platform which collect android games for gamepad;
                                                                      Color LED Button Design 

7005F-3 Color LED.jpg

* The ABXY buttons will be light on when gamepad power on & connect with cellphone.

* Cool & Shining.

                                                        Folding Cellphone Clip

7005F-4cellphone clipA.jpg

* 130-140 degree angle design;
* Cellphine clip stretch size max reach 87mm;