Access to activate KeyMapping Function on Android Smartphone

1.Install TouchSpirit APK to Smartphone:

1.1 Use the Web Browser which with scan function to scan the QR code as follows to start the download;After download 1.2 successfully,install the APK with follow;

20160609 TOUCH.jpg

1.2 You can link www.saitake.com/driver/touchspirit.apk to get the APK and install the APK with follow;

2.Open “USB debugging” function:

2.1 Before activate the “USB debugging” function, You must open the “ Developer options” function! The ways of open developer options are different from brands,please check the methods on internet.After open “Developer options” function,the “USB debugging” function must be checked!

2.2 Access developer setting for Samsung series;

SAMSUNG develop.jpg

3.Activate KeyMapping function:

3.1 Follow the sample picture to conntact the devices;

           QQ截图20170619150706.jpg        QQ截图20170619150811.jpg

                  (Instruction of Y USB device)                              (Instruction of Connection)


* The Power port support 5V 2A power max;can not support 9V/12V power,otherwise the power will damage the USB device; 

* The Power port support computer port;

3.2 After connected,it will disappear as follow( Picture 1),choose OK,it will activate automatically; 


                      (Picture 1)                                                       (Picture 2)

3.3 The " Touch service is ON " after successful as (Picture 2 )

4. Connect with Bluetooth Game Controller to start playing games.





Activate KeyMapping on Android Smartphone